Photo Gallery

Lake George Village Mayor Robert Blais accepts fire pedestal gift from Squadron
Commander July 2011

Family boating fun

PFD makes for a perfect day on the water

Food, drink and great company makes for quality time aboard the Caprice

John at the helm of the Caprice for annual Scotia boat parade with help of his
grandson Christopher and fellow member Kevin

Canal boat Richard William II on the Erie Canal (Mohawk River)

Change of Watch dinner - Gideon Putnam Sunday Brunch

Village of Scotia boat parade aboard the Caprice

Sarah enjoying a snack aboard the family boat 'Caprice'

Toast to the Caprice captain - First Place Scotia Boat Parade

The Squadron enjoys a rendezvous aboard the Adirondac each summer.
Thank you Shoreline Cruises for your continued hospitality!

Time to explore - Lake George island camping

Log Bay Island - Lake George

Log Bay Island - Lake George

Adirondack (Lake George) wildlife

A quiet bay - Lake George

Squadron Scotia Boat Parade theme entry - 'Caprice'

Off to explore Lake George

Lake George Village Fourth of July Fireworks

Personal water craft fun

Squadron Education - ABC Safe Boating Class 2012
Boating is Fun, we will show you how!!!

Bolton Landing Fire Pedestal Gift dedication - Rogers Memorial Park
Public Docks - August 2012

LGPS Fire Pedestals stand up to Hurricane Sandy storm surge Lake George
Village Docks - October 29, 2012

Squadron Education - ABC Safe Boating Class 2013
Boating is Fun, we will show you how!!!

Early morning looking North from Sarah Island - July 2013

Boating is Fun, we will show you how!!!
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Question:  What the Squadron does in the winter?
Answer:  Lake George Winter Carnival!

Lake George Winter - Is it spring yet?

Harris Bay Yacht Club - A-Dock

Perfect day on the water!

LGPS members Cathy Pettigrew & John Ives black lab Lady relaxes in her PFD
while enjoying a smooth sailing day on Lake George after a refreshing swim.