Vessel Safety Check

A major component of a fun filled outing is a boat which has all the necessary equipment operating properly. A free vessel safety check is the answer and our Volunteer Vessel Examiner team members will be happy to perform the "FREE" check. Click here to contact the Squadron Vessel Safety Check Examiner Team.

Vessel Safety Check Vision: Safe, Fun & Responsible Recreational Boating

The VSC Program helps to achieve voluntary compliance with federal and state recreational boating safety laws, particularly with regard to the carriage of safety equipment while raising boater awareness about safety and environmental issues through voluntary contact by a Vessel Examiner (VE).  Vessel Examiner discussions with recreational boaters is designed to motivate recreational boaters to maintain and operate their boats in a safe manner, taking boating safety courses to increase their knowledge and skills in boating and promoting overall safe boating. To review a copy of the VSC form ANSC7012 and see the items reviewed while performing a Vessel Safety check on your boat, click here.